There are poor tools.
And there are portals.

A single portal for all your suppliers has landed. 




And just like that, your suppliers have a single place to go. Easy.


A single intelligent supplier portal connecting all your supplier-facing systems.


Single sign-on supplier portal for everything.

Remove the friction and headaches of multiple log-ins across your multitude of supplier- facing systems.


Personalized experience for each supplier.

Enable each supplier to fully configure the dashboard based on their own workflows, priorities and jobs of work.


Maximize supplier compliance.

Enable suppliers to efficiently respond to compliance requests from anywhere in your organization through one single supplier portal.

Definitive Guide to Supplier Portal Strategy

The number of different tools and systems used in the procure-tech landscape is constantly growing. And the term 'portal' has become something of a catch-all with the tools being referred to solving a lot of different problems.

So, how should we really be thinking about supplier portals or supplier portal strategy, and how can they be used to set suppliers up for success?

“In order to build a best-in-class supplier experience, you have to have the right foundations that enable the deployment of best-of-breed solutions.”

Stephane Sacherer – Associate Director

Global Procure to Pay, Mondelez



Procurement in a smoother, more enjoyable dimension.


Ditch the Chains, Ride the Supply Slide with HICX


HICX is the #1 supplier experience platform for innovative companies. HICX helps Global 5000 companies to take control of their supplier data and to deliver an exceptional supplier experience globally. 



Congratulations. Your suppliers just found exactly what they were looking for.


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